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Frequently Asked Air Conditioning Questions - Answered By 32 Below Inc

Professional HVAC services encompass many areas, and many of our customers have questions about what we can do for them. Read below for answers to our most commonly asked questions and contact us via phone or online to discuss our work at greater length.

A New HVAC Unit Sounds Expensive. Do You Offer Financing?

32 Below Inc is happy to assist our customers in any way we can. Our air conditioning professionals know that new AC equipment or replacement costs can be significant and unexpected. That said, we don't want you and your family to go without the work you need to keep your home comfortable and healthy. That's why we offer 100% financing with approved credit. Don't let cost stand between you and the HVAC services you need for your home! Ask about our financing options when you call to schedule service.

Why Do I Need To Do A Heating Or AC Tune-Up?

AC tune-up services go a long way to extending the life of your HVAC equipment and ensuring that it's always functioning at peak efficiency. Investing in tune-up services can help you manage your electricity costs, optimize indoor air quality, and reduce the frequency of repairs to your equipment.

Is There Anything Preventative I Can Do To Ensure My HVAC Equipment Continues To Work Well?

You can and should take measures on your end to keep your HVAC systems in good condition. Some preventative tasks you can perform to keep your equipment working well include:

  • Changing air filters according to manufacturer recommendation
  • Trimming back vegetation and foliage around your AC unit that could be an obstacle to airflow
  • Prepping your HVAC system for peak periods with professional services each year
  • Taking note of unusual sounds, odors, and other behaviors that indicate repairs may be necessary

Do You Offer Any Heating Services?

Yes! Our crew specializes in all things heating. From heating tune-up and repair to total replacement and installation, we offer all the heating services you could ever need for your home. Call us and ask about our heating services to ensure that your home is ready to keep you warm this winter.

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