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The Importance Of Changing Out Air Filters

Importance changing air filters

It's an easy task to forget, but one that could have serious consequences if neglected for too long. Swapping dirty, used air filters for fresh, clean ones is a chore that, when done as recommended by manufacturers, can have several benefits for your Pearland air conditioning and heating system.

Improved Air Quality

Fresh air filters ensure that the air you and your family breathe is safe and clean. Maintaining good indoor air quality can significantly improve the level of comfort for everyone in your home and can reduce irritation from allergens.

Damage Prevention

Supplying your HVAC system with clean filters is one bit of maintenance that can help prevent damage and the need for repairs over time. To keep your system from enduring undue wear and tear and to help extend its service life, you need to prioritize this step in your maintenance checklist.

Money Saving

Clean air filters keep your HVAC system from having to overwork itself. This curbs its energy use and helps it operate more efficiently. Since improved energy efficiency cuts down electricity costs, changing your air filters as needed is a way for you to save money throughout the year.

What Happens If I Forget To Change My Filters Out As Needed?

Good question. Neglecting to swap out your filters as recommended can have negative results that can take a toll on your HVAC's overall performance and condition. Let's examine just some of the possible consequences of leaving dirty air filters in for too long.

Decreased Energy Efficiency

As your HVAC system struggles to push air through clogged filters, it expels more energy than is necessary and can increase your energy costs. Not only does this cost you more money, but it also takes a bigger toll on the environment.

Increased Wear And Tear

Failure to change out your air filters as needed puts a strain on your air conditioning and forces it to work harder than it should to perform. Over time, this can wear down your HVAC system and lead to varying degrees of damage. Changing out your air filters is an important part of preserving your system's quality and preventing the need for more expensive repairs.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

You guessed it. Dirty filters yield dirty air. If your air filters are clogged up by dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris, then they're less capable of producing clean air for you and your family to breathe. This can lead to a worsening of asthma and other allergic conditions and disrupt the comfort in your home. Ensuring that you change your air filters as recommended keeps up your indoor air quality and makes your home a healthier environment overall.

Changing out your air filters is a task that you should prioritize to ensure that your HVAC system stays healthy and continues working at peak capacity. If you need help completing this task, then you can always rely on your local air conditioning professionals at 32 Below Inc to provide AC tune-up and other maintenance services that help keep your air conditioning system working flawlessly.

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