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Condensor Coil Replacement in Rosharon, TX

Coil replacement in rosharon tx

This Rosharon customer's unit was not cooling. Upon arrival, Our AC Pros diagnosed the problem as a leak in the the existing coil. As a result, the condensor needed to be replaced. Steve installed a new American Standard 4 Ton 14 SEER Condensor. This American Standard product is backed with multiple warranties including 10 year compressor, 10 year coil, and 10 year parts. Replacement start to finish time was about 3 hours. We accommodated our customer with next day service and an installation time of approximately 3 hours.

Micro channel systems usually only hold half the refrigerant of regular systems. Even a small loss of refrigerant will cause the system to stop cooling. This customer used 32 Below Inc to replace the inside micro channel evaporator coil in the early spring. At that time we advised to replace the outside micro channel condensor. In our experience, up to 90% of micro channel coils we have encountered leak refrigerant. Four months after the installation of the inside unit, 32 Below Inc returned to replace the outside condensor due to an irreparable leak.

The American Standard condensor is built with a spine fin coil. We believe this coil is the superior coil on the market and especially down here in the South Texas humidity and salty air. The spine fin coil is easy to clean and maintain. And American Standard backs the product with an amazing warranty. Call us if you are having problems with your air conditioning and heating system. We are ready to help.

You can see the leak in the micro coil condensor after it was removed and opened. Once we put the new condensor in place we pull a deep vacuum on the lines to rid any air or moisture from the line to prepare properly for the refrigerant. Once the lines are clear, we weld new copper tubing to the existing checking our work with a mirror to make sure it is sealed correctly. After all lines are reconnected, pipes are sealed, and refrigerant is added we test it to make sure pressures are correct. We have another happy customer with 32 Below Inc.

Services Rendered:

  • AC Repairs
  • Condensor Replacement & Installation

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Products Used: American Standard
Client Review: Best company I have had worked with highly recommend them.
- Stephen L.

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