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Ductwork... Ducting is such an important part of your AC system. It is one that should not be overlooked for an efficient and proper functioning system. This home had metal ducting original to the home. You will hear people tell you “Don’t You Dare Let Anyone Change Your Metal Ducts!!" I’m here to tell them and show you that they are dead wrong!! They are giving you bad and false information! They will tell you just to have them re-wrapped with insulation... This is not an isolated case... They are all like that when we remove them!

Take a look at the pics of a Pearland, TX home below... Those are holes in rusted ducts allowing air to escape... The joints where two pieces were joined together are rusted... Allowing cold air to escape, which will cause condensation in the attic and lead to water on your ceiling. That doesn’t bode well for your ceiling or the efficiency of your system. Especially a new system! If you have old metal ducting in your home and are replacing your system.... Do yourself a favor and contact our AC pros upgrade them to New Flexible ducting. You, your ceiling, your wallet and your system will all be much happier! -Steve


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