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Gas System Installation in La Marque, TX

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation in La Marque, Texas

Fridays install of a new American Standard 3 ton 15 Seer Gas system in La Marque. Additionally, new R-8 Ductwork, 2 additional returns, Honeywell Box Filter (Free!), and an American Standard Thermostat (Free!) were installed here.

The homeowners old system (15 years old) had a rusted out drain pan that had leaked through and caused water damage.

The return air was severely undersized as well. We added 2 additional returns!

Return air is the most overlooked aspect when systems are installed as well as performing a Heat Load Calculation. We do BOTH!!

Water damage such as what this customer experienced should be virtually non existent with a simple inline float switch!

If your AC company isn’t taking all these things into consideration on your install…you’ve hired the wrong company.

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Products Used: American Standard 3 ton, 15 Seer, gas system in Lamarque, which included the system, new R-8 Ductwork, 2 new additional returns, Honeywell Box Filter (Free!), American Standard Thermostat (Free!).

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